A Broadclub cuttlefish hunting display

Kings of Camouflage begins by introducing NOVA viewers to the elusive Broadband cuttlefish, known for its particularly flashy light shows. To discern what makes a cuttlefish switch on its colors, marine biologists present the animals with various lures, including small crabs and a toy lobster. NOVA then introduces viewers to several other kinds of cuttlefish - including the tiny Flamboyant. The size of an egg, this cuttlefish walks rather than swims.

A giant male cuttlefish

Next, Kings of Camouflage moves to the Giant Australian cuttlefish. Off the south coast of Australia, groups of them congregate to breed every autumn. This is a gathering of brawn, brains and sneaky tactics. Smaller males, who cannot compete physically with their larger counterparts, have developed a cunning way to reach a desired mate: They "dress up" as females. They pull in their arms, change their colors to a mottled pattern and glide by the larger males. According to Dr. Hanlon, the picky Giant females respond well to the cross-dressing trick. Once the female mimic swims underneath and finds the female, he often as not successfully mates with her.

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