With the success of our first program in the Brain Fitness Program series, we now offer a program specifically designed to help people get the most from their senses as they age. In Brain Fitness 2: Sight and Sound, we look at the two important senses of vision and hearing, how they change throughout life, and what we can do to keep them healthy and fully functional.

Every moment of the day, we make decisions based on information from our senses. What we hear and see tells us to stop or go, helps us connect with loved ones and defines our world. This sensory data provides the cues we need to survive and thrive. As we age, the information received through our eyes and ears becomes degraded, and our ability to act on this information slows, jeopardizing our independence. But what if we could do something to dramatically improve our abilities? What if our brain ultimately holds the key to independence? SIGHT AND SOUND explores these possibilities, taking viewers into the labs of the world’s most innovative neuroscientists, psychologists and neurobiologists who are discovering the amazing power of the brain to change — regardless of age.

Brain Fitness 2: Sight and Sound is the second program in our series designed to help you and your family keep your brain in better shape. To learn more about the thank-you gifts that go along with this program, or to make a donation on-line, please visit our secure site.

Watch it Sunday, December 7th at 5:30 p.m. on KUAT6, your PBS source in Southern Arizona