Together We Heal, a one-hour special documenting the healing of Tucson and Tucsonans affected by the Jan. 8, 2011 shooting tragedy, debuted Jan. 5, 2012 on PBS-HD6. See it here.

Narrated by national correspondent and Tucson native, Savannah Guthrie, Together We Heal features 36 in-depth interviews with victims and their families, members of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ staff, and the doctors and nurses who treated them.

Interviewees include John Green, Christina-Taylor Green’s father; Ross Zimmerman, Gabe Zimmerman’s father; Giffords’ staff members Ron Barber and Pam Simon, former staff member C. J. Karamargin and others; good Samaritans; staff members from the UMC Trauma Center, Intensive Care Unit and UMC Surgeons; and therapist Maggie Morton.

Congressional District 8 Staff

  • Ron Barber
  • Pam Simon
  • Mark Kimble
  • Joni Jones
  • Pam Harrington
  • Patty Valera
  • C.J. Karamargin, former Giffords’ Staff
  • Daniel Hernandez, Giffords’ Intern

University Medical Center Trauma Nurses

  • Wanda Larson
  • Carl Talent
  • Jessica Laplant
  • Kathy Bartholme
  • WendiCooper
  • OrlandoLittle
  • AngieWestergard
  • CarlBinger
  • MichelleZiemba

University Medical Center Intensive Care Unit Nurses

  • Robert Bresser
  • Kimberly Haas
  • Catherine Lee
  • Kevin Storey

University Medical Center Surgeons

  • Randall Friese
  • Peter Rhee
  • Bellal Joseph
  • Rainer Gruessner

University Medical Center Memorials Docent

  • Stephen Brigham, UMC Administration

Victims Families

  • Ross Zimmerman, Gabe Zimmerman’s Father
  • John Green, Christina-Taylor Green’s Father
  • Phyllis Rautenberg, Phyllis Schneck’s Daughter

Good Samaritans

  • Faith Salzgeber
  • Roger Salzgeber
  • Nancy Bowman, RN
  • David Bowman, MD
  • Patricia Maisch


  • Maggie Morton, LCSW Therapist

National Institute for Civil Discourse

  • Fred DuVal, ABOR

Together We Heal, Thursday, January 5 at 8 p.m and again Sunday, January 8 at 6 p.m. on PBS-HD 6. Join us for stories of healing.