PHOTO: Courtesy John Maggio
John Maggio's documentary film "Billy the Kid" will debut on the PBS series American Experience on Tuesday, January 10th on PBS-HD Channel 6.

The sun never really sets on the Old West. The many legends about the men and women of the late 1800s continue to capture modern imaginations, and the most famous of all are the outlaws, like Billy the Kid.

PHOTO: Courtesy John Maggio
Documentary film maker John Maggio wrote, produced, and directed "Billy the Kid"

Although he was only 21 years old when he died, his name is still very well-known. A new episode of the PBS series American Experience, airing on PBS-HD Channel 6 at 8pm on Tuesday, January 10th, explores the surprising details of Billy's life in both New Mexico and Arizona.

Mark McLemore talks with John Maggio about Billy the Kid's remarkable story, starting with the observation that Billy truly was a legend in his own time...


John Maggio's film Billy the Kid will debut on PBS-HD Channel 6 at 8 o'clock on Tuesday, January 10th on PBS-HD Channel 6.