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Steve Emerine of Inside Tucson Business, Ann Brown of the Arizona Daily Star and James Bennett of the Green Valley News.


Border fence fast track | City Manager in hot seat

Governor Janet Napolitano and Sonoran Governor Eduardo Bours Castelo signed eight agreements

Fighting Cross-border Crime

Governors sign pact

Gloria Goldman, Immigration attorney

Gloria Goldman

Immigration attorney

US Forest Service Logo/badge

Newsmaker - Jeanine Derby

Coronado National Forest supervisor

The Face of Christ in Sonora

The Face of Christ

A new book

Nogales women

The Other Side - Part 2

So close to the United States, so far...

men far from home at the border

The Other Side

Deportees far from home

Congressman Raúl Grijalva

Congressman Raúl Grijalva

border and economy

Federal E-Verify

Federal E-Verify

New law could preempt Arizona statute

Hometown News

Hometown News

Top stories in Southern Arizona

God's Middle Finger book cover illustration

Richard Grant

Author of "God's Middle Finger"

Virtual Fence Danger Sign

Virtual Fence

GAO says high-tech border barrier does not work

border fence near San Diego

Border Institute

Security, technology, research

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