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Katie Daubert

Katie Daubert is a 2012 Graduate from the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law. She was living abroad during the 2008 election, but she was determined to exercise her right to vote.

Erik Lundstrom

Erik Lundstrom is the President of the University of Arizona Young Democrats. He spoke about the power each of us wields in our political system.

Lea Márquez Peterson

Lea Márquez Peterson is the President and CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She came to our studios and spoke about why voting is important to her.

Melanie Emerson

Melanie Emerson is the Executive Director of Sky Island Alliance. She visited our studios to talk about why voting is important to her.

E.J. Perkins, policy analyst for the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, discusses his analyses of Prop 120.

Cap on Property Valuations Aim of Prop. 117

5% annual increase limit designed to minimize homeowner tax rise, supporters say

Job Stimulation Goal of Prop. 116 Backers

Tax break for businesses, but will burden shift to homeowners?

75% AZ Voter Turnout Predicted

Secretary of State Bennett says it may not equal 2008's historic total

AZ Voter Registration Numbers Climb

3.1M residents eligible to cast ballots in this fall's election

Win, Lose or Draw

Cartoon Humor in Campaigns

2012 City of Tucson Results

TUSD Board Race

Gov. Gains Power Selecting Judges Via Prop. 115

Proponents say changes improve merit selection; opponents call it 'dangerous'

Protecting Crime Victims Goal of Prop. 114

Felons suffering damage, injury in crime commission couldn't sue

2012 Pima County Results

Contested Races for Sheriff and Supervisor

2012 State Legislature Results

Contested Races in the House and Senate

Pima County Sheriff Candidates Forum

Incumbent Democratic Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, Republican Mark Napier and Green Party candidate Dave Croteau debate the issues

Rebecca Brukman. 10/22/12.
Campaign signs including: Jeff Flake, No on Prop 121, Tanner Bell, as well as several others on Oracle Road.

Political Roundtable: Friday, Oct. 26, 2012

Landowner-county dispute, final days of election campaign

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