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Eller Entrepreneurs to Reduce Diabetic Amputations

A new start-up company called “Intelliwound” is attempting to combat diabetic complications before they become severe.

Meet Your ASUA Presidential Candidates

UA+ content producer Kevin Reagan sits down with each of the three students in the race for student body president.

Percussionist Evelyn Glennie Visits UA

Master Class teaches students how to listen

Archaeologists Uncover Social Networks of Ancient Southwest

Study reveals how indigenous people shared pottery design across boundaries

"Stuff the CatTran" Collects for Community Food Bank

Food donations down, cash donations up in annual UA drive

Club Trains Service Dogs for People With Disabilities

Paws for the Cause gives UA students the opportunity to train future service dogs

Tests of Faith, and Learning in Video Games

Presbyterian Campus Ministries members play and learn at UA's video game archive

Exploring Diversity

UA+ looks at how politics and diversity influence one another

UA Researchers Pursuing Holographic Display

Special polymer could yield 3-D holographic television

Renovations Complete at UA's Institute for LGBT Studies

Director Susan Stryker Ph.D. shifts focus to LGBT programming

1st Hip-Hop Symposium Jumpstarts Academic Dialogue

Hip-Hop scholars and performers convene at UofA

ASTEC Simulation Lab Trains Without Risk

3rd Year Med Students Practice Saving Lives

Alice Leora Briggs Draws A Light in the Dark

Former UA Visiting Artists' Work is featured in "Surface Tension" at Etherton Gallery

A Russian Perspective

Life in the US from Nikita Kirnosov's point of view

Architecture Students Install "FlexNet Interface" at Student Union

5th Year Students Explore Process of Blending Art and Technology

Creative Life

UA+ Episode 2

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