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Exploring Diversity

UA+ looks at how politics and diversity influence one another

UA Researchers Pursuing Holographic Display

Special polymer could yield 3-D holographic television

Renovations Complete at UA's Institute for LGBT Studies

Director Susan Stryker Ph.D. shifts focus to LGBT programming

1st Hip-Hop Symposium Jumpstarts Academic Dialogue

Hip-Hop scholars and performers convene at UofA

ASTEC Simulation Lab Trains Without Risk

3rd Year Med Students Practice Saving Lives

Alice Leora Briggs Draws A Light in the Dark

Former UA Visiting Artists' Work is featured in "Surface Tension" at Etherton Gallery

A Russian Perspective

Life in the US from Nikita Kirnosov's point of view

Architecture Students Install "FlexNet Interface" at Student Union

5th Year Students Explore Process of Blending Art and Technology

Creative Life

UA+ Episode 2

Behind the Scenes of Grupo Folklórico Miztontli and UA+ Productions

The challenges of being an active and involved university student

Hollywood Insiders Advise Theater, Film and Television Majors to Dream Big

Hanson Film Institute's Inside Track Panel brings top agents and managers to UA

UA Día de los Muertos Event Altars Honor Ancestors and Chicano/Chicana Figures

Students from Mexican American Studies classes remember young UA alumna and activist

Investigating and Analyzing Elections

Award winning author describes the relationship between communication and campaigns

Students With Learning Challenges Awarded at SALT

The SALT Center provides students a path to overcome challenges

UA Plus Promo

September 2012

The Haunting of Centennial Hall

The presence of ghosts and spirits around the University of Arizona

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