ChamberLab is an ongoing concert series that brings classically trained musicians together with composers from the Tucson music scene.

Founder Chris Black describes ChamberLab as "DIY classical music, garage chamber music, alt-classical, bi-brow, and trashical."

Black says Tucson is an eclectic and culturally rich community that allows a project like ChamberLab to flourish. "There's talent everywhere," he says. "Not only musicians, but there's painters, and writers, chefs, and dancers... it makes it very easy to put projects like this together."

ChamberLab’s next project will be to provide live accompaniment to the Buster Keaton silent film “The General” at The Fox Tucson Theater on April 19th.

ChamberLab VIII-Brass & Percussion
Performed at the Rialto Theater on Feb. 28.
(presented with permission of Chamberlab)

Watch performance here: