William Justiniano found his calling early in his life – right after graduating high school, he started blowing glass. Since then, he’s studied with various artists and now serves as lead hot shop instructor at the Sonoran Glass School.

“Glass blowing requires tons of coordination and it would be very difficult to do by yourself,” Justiniano said.

Sonoran Glass School is a nonprofit organization that promotes glass as a visual arts medium. It provides classes - and a supportive environment – for glass artists, students, and enthusiasts to learn and share knowledge, Justiniano explained.

“Today we’re going to have quite a few middle school and high school kids in here,” Justiniano said. “That can be fun and challenging at the same time.”

Justiniano said glassblowing exposes young people to science concepts in a fun and expressive art-form.

They get to play with all the stuff they’re not suppose to at home,” he said. “They get to play with fire, with glass, and torches… all these things that are intriguing to any young child… that’s what initially draws them in.”