A group of students from Challenger Middle School is the only Arizona middle school team going to Washington April 4 to participate in the We The People National Competition.

The event mimics a congressional hearing where students show off skills in law and civics in front of a panel of judges that ranges from constitutional scholars to sitting state Supreme Court justices.

“I love it! This program helps so much with your self-esteem,” said Gabriela Jasso. “A year ago I would not have been able to answer these big questions, but now it’s so cool that I know this.”

Students range from 10 to 14 years old and will have to answer questions about Supreme Court cases and constitutional law.

“Once they sit on the panel that child is shuffled off and suddenly you have this articulate well-educated, confident, young citizen that will be a great contribution to our society,” said Norma Higuera-Trask, teacher at Challenger and coach of the We The People team.

The team from Sunnyside Unified School District raised more than $50,000 to pay for the trip to Washington.

"I personally want to thank the Tucson community for supporting us and believing in the importance of this program," Higuera-Trask said.