During the Fourth Avenue Street Fair weekend, Daniel "Fuddx" Ravia sat in Sky Bar's front patio making balloon sculptures for passersby...mostly kids.

The former magician and ice sculptor spent those days making Elmos, Ninja Turtles, Minions, Minnie Mouses...

PHOTO: Courtesy of Daniel "Fuddx" Ravia
Fuddx won bronze at the World Balloon Convention for his rendition of Star Wars icon, Yoda.
PHOTO: Courtesy of Daniel "Fuddx" Ravia
This sculpture won the U.S. team silver at the World Balloon Convention.

"I really enjoy kids...I like how honest they are, how willing to they're to live life, and they are amazed by things...adults aren't...they are a lot more jaded," he said. "Not always was it the most fun time for me being a kid, and I see that in some kids. I feel like this is at least a little part of bringing a smile where otherwise they might not...that means a lot to me."

Before Fuddx got into balloons, he said he thought it would be cool to become a custom character, "because I am always looking for a new and weird job."

In May 2009, he watched a documentary on Netflix about the craft. "That coupled with knowing how to blow up balloons," was what inspired him.

Fuddx recently participated in the World Balloon Convention in Denver, Colo. Among 1,000 participants from 53 countries, he received the bronze in the individual category for a rendition of the Star Wars icon, Yoda. He also helped the U.S. team with silver.