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Arizona Attorney General Democratic Primary Discussion

Battle for Arizona Attorney General

Two of the Three Democratic candidates for Arizona Attorney General square off on the fight to move on to the November election.

Ramon Valadez, Pima County Supervisor

Supervisors say Yes to Ina Road Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Pima County Supervisors' Chairman Ramon Valadez says the board voted unanimously to approve a $163M construction project to upgrade and expand the Ina Road waste-water treatment plant.

Border Fence patrol

Federal Government Sues

The US Justice Department has ended weeks of speculation and filed suit against Senate Bill 1070

Arizona Corporation Commission

Arizona Corporation Commission

Political Correspondent Christopher Conover tells us why Arizona voters should pay close attention to the ACC races.

Economists Dennis Hoffman and Marshall Vest

Mid-Year Economic Forecast

Two of Arizona's top economists give their assessment on the Arizona economy at the mid-year point of 2010.

US-Mexico Border

National Guard Troops to Border

The White House is starting to give details on what the border security plan will look like.

Davis Monthan command change

D-M Change of Command

Life in the military involves moving every few years, usually that is not accompanied by the full ceremony that the military can muster, unless the move involves a change of command

To The Moon

An astronaut with local ties helps a comedian reach for the stars.

US-Mexico Border

Immigration Letters and Challenges

Governor Brewer wants more information from the President while farm workers are challenging people to work

Senate Debates Come to AZPM

Arizona Public Media is the home for GOP and Democratic US Senate Debates

Oro Valley Volunteers

Oro Valley Volunteers

Essential part of running and governing the growing municipality

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