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Sales Tax Can Cover TUSD's Deficit

Alternatives may include more school closures, consolidations

Sonorans buying homes in Arizona

AZ $57M Mortgage Settlement Funding Detailed

Attorney general says most of it will go to keep people in homes

State Parks Director Faces Misdemeanor Trial

Bryan Martyn accused of shoving another man in dispute

No Driver's Licenses for Deferred Deportees

State transportation officials confirm Brewer's executive order

Law Dampens AZ Initiative Process

Full count of petition signatures done away with

Arizona Illegal Immigration law sparks protests

Brewer Asks Court to Drop SB 1070 Appeal

Latest move in back-forth over enactment of 'stop and check'

Pete Hershberger, former state lawmaker, joins the Roundtable to talk about the week in politics, including the Flake-Carmona Senate race, the Barber-McSally congressional race, and the Fast and Furious Inspector General report.

Political Roundtable: Friday, Sept. 21, 2012

Host Jim Nintzel leads lively discussion of the week's political happenings

Memorial Service Set For Dever

Public service to honor longtime Cochise County Sheriff, who died in a recent vehicle accident

Obama-Romney Race Close in Arizona

A new poll puts the race for the White House within the margin of error in Arizona

Director Takes on Three of the World's Deadliest Words

Film "It's a Girl" documents gendercide of female infants around the world

AZ Week: Open Primary Proposition Forum

Pro: 'Dissatisfaction with existing system'; Con: 'Subverts democracy'

Arizona Budget puzzle

State Reports Improved Revenues for 2012

Fiscal year finished $26M better than previously reported

Feds Open More AZ Land to Target Shooting

Bureau of Land Management adds 1.4M acres in south-central area

The Tucson Police Department has a unit to investigate internet crimes against children.

Child Protective Services at Full Staffing

First time in 7 years; 20% annual turnover makes it challenging

Growing Grass The Organic Way

Grass on UA Mall now fed with organic compost mixture

Michael Givens the recreation coordinator at  Tucson Parks and Recreation talks about the El Rio Theatre Project.

The Taming of the Shrew Comes to Tucson

The El Rio Theatre Project brings some Shakespeare to Himmel Park

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