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Episode 375: Preparing to receive the asteroid sample from OSIRIS-REx

The University of Arizona-backed OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will return its long-awaited sample of rocks and dust from the asteroid Bennu next month.

Episode 374: Building resilience against climate change

As the weather around us changes, scientists say we need to be more climate resilient.

Episode 373: Growing a new source for rubber products

University of Arizona researchers are helping develop the desert shrub called guayule

Episode 372: Solving the Hispanic Health Paradox

Researchers have found non-white Hispanics live longer and have better health outcomes than people from other ethnic and cultural groups.

Episode 371: Exploring solar systems with more than one sun

Astronomers are discovering our solar system is unique in that it only has one star.

Episode 370: Making new discoveries about gamma ray bursts

Space scientists call gamma ray bursts the most energetic events in the history of the universe.

Episode 369: Research that helps our eyes see better

The University of Arizona is a leader in bio-engineered optical science.

Episode 368: The growing concern about valley fever

The fungal infection known as valley fever is endemic to southwestern states like Arizona and California.

Episode 367: How social isolation can lead to health issues

The U-S Surgeon General says loneliness and social isolation can have a devastating impact on mental and physical health.

Episode 366: Underrepresented groups in the debate over water resources

The University of Arizona is helping communities contribute to decision-making on water resources in the state.

Episode 365: Decoding the mystery of Alzheimer's disease

Researchers investigating Alzheimer’s disease are focusing on the hormone estrogen.

Episode 364: Solving the mysteries of Easter Island

The huge stone heads on Easter Island in the Pacific have fascinated historians for centuries.

Episode 363: Checking for ticks in Arizona

Cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever are on the rise in Arizona.

Episode 362: How the body’s immune system defends us against disease

The immune system is similar to a microscopic security force with commanders that order cells to find and kill infectious intruders.

Episode 361: How asteroids can help us understand the history of our Solar System

The OSIRIS-REx mission is scheduled to return its sample of dust and rocks from the asteroid Bennu in September.

Episode 360: Looking at lemur behavior in Madagascar

Researchers are spending time in Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa studying family behavior in lemurs.

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