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Newly ordained ministers DeLyn Celec (left) and Robyn Morrison (right) discuss their part of the "Church within a Church" Movement.

New Ministers Seek Change Within Methodist Church

"A Church Within a Church" movement seeks new ordination standards and practices

Jane Horrocks stars as Ros Pritchard.

The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard

A supermarket manager finds herself at the head of a political movement that sweeps her into office as Britain's prime minister. Thursday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Taking a sample from Otzi in the cold chamber.

NOVA: Iceman Murder Mystery

Join NOVA to defrost the ultimate time capsule — 5,000-year-old Otzi, the mummified corpse pulled from an Alpine glacier nearly two decades ago. Wednesday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

The five History Detectives (from L-R) Gwen Wright, Eduardo Pagan, Tukufu Zuberi, Elyse Luray and Wes Cowan.

History Detectives

The team investigate a Civil War soldier’s letter. Tuesday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Episode 41: Campaign Financing a 'Wild, Wild West'

Political analyst says Supreme Court, 'feckless' FEC have made a mess of it

Republican Jonathan Paton (left), Democrat Rodd McLeod (center left) and AZPM's Andrea Kelly (center right) look at polls from the city election, a shocking idea of an electrified border fence and why one of the panelists from this episode is being sued for one million dollars.

Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Oct. 21, 2011

Jim Nintzel hosts our weekly discussion of local, state, national politics

Occupy Tucson: More than 150 Arrested

But that won't deter dozens who remain camped in Armory Park, they say

AZPM reporters Andrea Kelly (left and Christopher Conover (right) tell us about campaign finances.

Campaign Financing: 'Wild, Wild West'

Political analyst says Supreme Court, 'feckless' FEC have made a mess of it

After The Flames, A Slow Healing

As Arizona forests rebound from recent wildfires, restoration experts plan for future flames.

Laura Boles, the current president of Tucson Dowsers, demonstrates how a pair of "L" rods can be used to read energy auras.

Practitioners Preserve, Defend Dowsing as Ancient Art

A gathering of dowsers from across Arizona demonstrates different uses for the technique

SPECIAL REPORT: PACs Send Money to Arizona Candidates

Incumbents Giffords, Grijalva, Flake bring in special-interest donations

Eva Carrillo Dong member of the sunnyside unified school district governing board, who recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National School Boards Association's Council of Urban Boards of Education.

Local Educator Garners National Attention

Member of Sunnyside Unified School District Board honored for her work and dedication.

Damion Clinco explains the history of the Marist College.

History Moment: Tucson's Marist College

A look at the 96-year-old landmark adobe downtown

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November 2011

How do we shape the next 20 years of school reform?

The National Commission on Education Equity and Excellence

Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie

Masterpiece Mystery: Case Histories

While searching for a drowning victim’s identity, Investigator Jackson Brodie meets a crime novelist caught in a road rage incident. Sunday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

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