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Grande Tortilla Factory

Remembering a Barrio Tradition

Naco Mammoth

Naco Mammoth

The ancient remains of a mammoth discovered in 1951 near Naco, Arizona tell a fascinating story. Mark McLemore visits the Arizona State Museum to find out what it says about the humans who lived and hunted in this region more than 12,000 years ago.

General John Wickham

Afghanistan War Update

Former Army Chief of Staff explores question of how long the American public will support ongoing wars in Asia.

Johnny Gibson Remembered

Hear Johnny Gibson tell the story of his heroism during World War II.

Supreme Court vote

Supreme Court Puts Clean Elections on Hold

The nation's highest court has issued a ruling keeping the state from distributing matching funds to Clean Elections candidates.

Johnny Gibson, noted Tucson barber

Tucson Loses a Bit of History

For more than 50 years, Johnny Gibson made sure the men and boys of Tucson looked good.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and President Obama

White House Border Meeting

Governor Brewer sits down with the President

Curtis Prendergast - Graduate Student, Journalism & Latin American Studies and Austin Counts - Journalism Student

Beyond border immigration, drugs and violence

Some students at the University of Arizona are working on a documentary about border topics often forgotten in this divisive topic.

Hispanic teen

Mexican American/Raza Studies Target of New Bill

HB 2281 and the debate concerning the future of Raza Studies in TUSD

Indian Scholars Robert Warrior and Tsianina Lomawaima

American Indian Scholars Meet In Tucson

Despite controversy over Arizona's new immigration law, scholars proceed to University of Arizona hosted event.

Poston Internment Camp

Growing up in a Japanese-American Internment Camp

Hank Oyama, the son of a Mexican-born, Spanish-speaking Japanese woman, relives his experiences in an Arizona internment camp during WWII.

Chinese Family

To Be Chinese

There is one question that the third generation Chinese-American Lincoln Chin does not seem to answer properly since people always repeat the question. Where are you from?


Remembering Shakespeare

The Bard still relevant

Heinz Schilling

Renowned Historian

Professor Heinz Schilling, Humboldt University, Berlin

Korea House

Korean Cuisine in the Old Pueblo

Oldest continuously operating Korean Restaurant in Arizona

Pamplona crucifix restoration

Pamplona Cross

Skilled team works on restoration

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