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UA Health Center Awarded Grant to Aid Hispanic Women

University's Center of Excellence in Women's Health will use the $878K to reach out to underprivileged Hispanic women in Pima County.

Hana Abdulaziz Feeney, a registered dietitian with UA's Campus Health Service, discusses the upcoming Food Day event where people are encouraged to learn more about sustainable food sources.

Event Teaches Public About Healthy, Sustainable Foods

UA hosts 4th annual Food Day celebration, which will highlight nutrition, sustainable foods through various events.

New Seminar Series Addresses Health Disparities

UA's College of Medicine launches series with talk about LGBT health issues; aims to foster inclusion in health care.

William Williams and his mother Della Williams

Voices for the Cure: Della Williams and William Williams

After experiencing depression following breast cancer treatment, Della works to keep other women from going through it alone

Celestino Fernández, Ph.D., at the University of Arizona for the School of Sociology, discusses his research about finding and pursuing happiness and how happiness is defined.

UA Faculty Members Discuss Science of Happiness

Over the course of history there have been many definitions of happiness, says sociology professor.

A participant expresses herself at the Mindfulness/Hapiness Workshop, a course teaching students about the connection between mindfulness and happiness.

Happiness Workshop Helps Young Adults Navigate Teen Pressures

Program provides youth understanding of mindfulness, teaches them about self-respect, community responsibility, acting without judgment.

People experiencing eudiaimonia happiness, having a meaning or purpose in life that fulfills their spirit, as they enjoy a day downtown.

Secret to Happiness Not So Simple, Scientists Say

University of Arizona researchers tap temperature, technology to uncover the roots of feeling happy.

Committee Discussing Plan to Give Hotshot Families Full Benefits

Tuesday meeting comes a month after House Speaker Andy Tobin urged members to craft a plan for the 13 part-time firefighters' families; 19 perished in Yarnell Fire back in June.

Breast Cancer ribbon

Voices for the Cure: Rowan Frost and Tory Middlebrooks

How does a single mom talk to her son about breast cancer? Now they look back on how they helped each other through difficult times with laughter and love.

A closeup of a man in a lab coat

AZ Medical Board May Have Put Patients at Risk, Report Says

Board's executive director allegedly told staff to skip normal background checks to speedy process of doctors applying for licenses.

1 in 4 HIV Positive Residents in Pima County are Latino

Health officials say economic disparities and immigration issues tied to AIDS demographics

Victoria Maizes M.D., executive director at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, explains what integrative medicine is, what it is not, and some of the work going on in Tucson.

Integrative Medicine Center Celebrates 20 Years of Research

Tucson-based AzCIM leads the nation when it comes conventional, alternative medical practices.

Cirsten Carle discusses how integrative medicine has helped her cope with depression.

Integrative Psychiatry Offers Alt Approach to Mental Health Care

Growing field melds conventional psychiatry with complementary, alternative medicine for holistic treatment.

Tom Nielsen, father of brain injury survivor Marc Nielsen and board member for the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona, discusses his son's accident and the effects it had on his son's brain.

Coping with Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Each year, Arizona emergency departments treat more than 48,000 patients for a traumatic brain injury.

Rick Lepared receives hyperbaric therapy, an oxygen treatment used to help increase healing time, for his osteomyelitis.

Popularity of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Grows

TMC Wound Care Center has several single-person hyperbaric chambers to treat wounds related to diabetes radiation therapy.

First Flu Case Confirmed in Maricopa County

Involving an unvaccinated child; there were more than 1,900 cases of the illness in Pima last season.

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