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An artifact that could be a souvenir of the Hindenburg disaster; a stamp that may be connected to the Bonus Army March on Washington; and a bell that may have been ringside at a Jack Dempsey match. Monday, July 28th 9pm KUAT6 & HD

Listen to July 25, 2008 Edition with Host Mark McLemore

AIMS Test - Dan Millis / No More Deaths - Monsoon Garden - Dust Storm Warning System

NOVA scienceNOW

A new view of leeches; SETI — the search for extraterrestrial intelligence; stem cells; and a profile of Edie Widder, a specialist in marine bioluminescence. Wednesday, July 23rd, 9 pm KUAT6 & KUAT-HD

NOVA Mystery of the Megaflood

It was the greatest flood of the past two million years, and it posed a giant scientific riddle. Tuesday, July 22nd 8:00pm KUAT6 & KUAT-HD

Listen to July 18, 2008 Edition with Host Mark McLemore

9-1-1 Border Towers - Meningitis Vaccine - Olympic athlete Jill Camarena - Dr. Victoria Maizes / Center for Integrative Medicine - artist Joanna Frueh

MYSTERY! Foyle’s War, Series V

ALL CLEAR - It’s April 1944, and victory is at hand for the Allies. But, in his final case, Foyle must reveal truths the Allies would rather keep hidden. Sunday, July 27th 8pm KUAT6 & 9pm KUAT-HD

NOVA scienceNOW

What the songs of zebra finches can tell us about the evolution of language; the glorious but mysterious northern lights; a profile of Yoky Matsuoka, a leader in the emerging field of neurobotics; and smart bridges. Wednesday, July 16th 8pm KUAT6 9pm HD

NOVA The Great Inca Rebellion

An ancient Peruvian cemetery crammed with disfigued mummies helps explain a long-standing mystery about the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Tuesday, July 15th 8:00pm KUAT6 & KUAT-HD


A balloon scrap that may be a missing piece of a secret weapon; a circus program that connects a society woman, FDR and the Boy Scouts; and a letter that links a Navy captain to Camp David. Monday, July 14th 9pm KUAT6 & HD

NATURE Encountering Sea Monsters

Imagine coming face to face with a cannibalistic creature that is as tall as you are and has long tentacles, a razor-sharp beak, and skin that flashes with bizarre, dazzling color. Sunday, July 13th 7:00pm on KUAT6 & 8:00pm KUAT-HD

Listen to July 11, 2008 Edition with Host Mark McLemore

Spring Training in Tucson - Buffelgrass Forum - Citizenship Fees - New Citizens - Morrison Institute / Sun Corridor

NOVA scienceNOW

Hubble Space Telescope; early primates; a profile of Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, a former farmworker who is now an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins; Iraqi bacteria. Wednesday, July 9th, 8pm KUAT6 & 9pm KUAT-HD


A mysterious flag may be linked to an African-American infantry regiment that fought in WW I; a painting that may be the work of Seth Eastman; and a two-story building that may have housed a Chinese Tong. Monday, July 7th 9pm KUAT6 & HD

NATURE Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies

The remarkable story of a wild white stallion in the mountains of Montana, whose life has been captured on film by a filmmaker who has spent years documenting the lives of nearly 150 wild mustangs. Thursday, July 10th 8pm KUAT-HD

Listen to July 4, 2008 Edition with Host Mark McLemore

Author Joseph Nevins - Maisa Taha essay: The Migrant Trail - Scramblewatch '08 - Candela Peruvian restaurant

Listen to July 3, 2008 Political Conversations

State Senate President Tim Bee

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