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Car Talk

Car Talk

Car Talk is a hilarious, fast-paced call-in program in which hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi take the fear out of car repair and find the fun in engine failure.

Mayor Bob Walkup on Roundtable

Roundtable: Bob Walkup

State of the City review

loving spoonful vegan cuisine

lovin spoonful

Vegan cuisine

Dionysus and family

NATURE Unforgettable Elephants

Wildlife cameraman and elephant expert Martyn Colbeck shares his insights into elephants’ advanced social development, their ability to communicate and cooperate, their complex emotions and strong loyalty to one another.

Hugh Bonneville, Jack Huston, Tom Goodman Hill and Olivia Williams as Jane Austen

MASTERPIECE™ Miss Austen Regrets

Hugh Bonneville, Jack Huston, Tom Goodman Hill and Olivia Williams as Jane Austen star in a drama about the author’s last years, choices made and suitors spurned. Sunday 8pm

February 1, 2008

Arizona Spotlight

Wakefield students rehearse opera

Wakefield Opera

Students write and perform

Darcy Olsen, Goldwater Institute President and CEO

Darcy Olsen

Goldwater Institute has some modest proposals for Arizona

Superbowl Stadium in Glendale

Superbowl Stadium

Build it and they will come

US Deficit

Deficit Warning

Country headed for disaster

Bio5 Institute

BIO5 Institute

Largest NSF Arizona grant



Software execs donate

Edges of Life

Edges of Life

Exploring the frontiers

Glendale Development

Glendale Development


Grand Central Station


The dramatic story of the famous landmark’s construction. it remains one of New York’s and America’s most famous spaces and a living monument to the nation’s great railway age.

Morning Edition

Morning Edition

Potential intellectual property issues with 3-D printing technology. Weekdays 5-9 a.m. on NPR 89.1 FM/1550 AM.

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