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Mexican Consulate Flooded with Calls Since Obama’s Immigration Changes

Officials set up hotline and mobile app to help prevent scams, provide correct information.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Challenge of Driver's License Ban

Gov. Brewer had requested court to reconsider ruling striking down Arizona policy denying privileges to 'Dreamers.'

AZ WEEK: 'Obama's Immigration News Good Economically, Bad Politically'

Local policy, law experts weigh in on president's executive orders deferring deportation for millions of undocumented migrants in US.

Border Patrol Sued Over Arivaca Checkpoint

Town residents allege 1st Amendment right violations, racial profiling.

The Border Patrol's compound in Nogales, Ariz.

Obama Deportation Deferral May Affect 135,000 in Arizona

Immigration plan's impact in state also could include visas for high-skilled workers, tightened border security.

Tucson Program Hopes to Break Language Barriers, Help Immigrants Thrive

Literacy Connects' English Acquisition for Adults has been around for decades helping people transition into a new life on American soil.

Tucson Joins Protests of Mexico's Missing Students

'You took them alive, we want them back alive,' protestors chant outside Mexican consulate.

The international border fence in the Arizona desert.

Arizonans in Turn Lambaste, Laud Obama Over Immigration

Brewer: 'a tyrannical king that is above the law;' Barber: 'disappointed Congress has brought us to this point.'

The border fence in Arizona.

Number of Illegal Immigrants Declines in Arizona

But state has more than national average of K-12 students who have at least one undocumented parent.

Taide Elena, Jose Antonio's grandmother, shows a photo of the teen next to an image of his coffin at the border.

Border Patrol Agent Who Shot Mexican Teen Identified

Federal court rules against request to not release name of person involved in 2012 fatal shooting.

Judge to Consider Releasing Name of Agent Involved in Mexican Teen's Shooting

Hearing taking place Thursday in Tucson; family of 16-year-old refuses Border Patrol's confidentiality request.

Bail for Some Illegal Immigrants on Hold

Advocates urge U.S. Supreme Court to implement ruling striking down Arizona law ASAP.

US Senator John McCain

McCain Urges Obama Not to Use Executive Action on Immigration Reform

Two other Republican colleagues also ask president not to shield millions of undocumented people from deportation.

A Border Patrol agent in the Arizona desert looking through binoculars.

Group: Border Patrol Violated Human Rights of Immigrants in Detention

New report says Central American women, children in Tucson were kept in unsanitary conditions.

Maricopa Attorney Wants Bail for Some Illegal Immigrants Delayed

Bill Montgomery asks 9th Circuit to delay implementation of ruling striking down voter-approved Arizona law.

Group Alleges Border Patrol is Racial Profiling at Arivaca Checkpoint

New report by People Helping People has results from more than 2,000 stops; shows Latinos were more likely to be stopped, asked for ID.

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