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The University of Arizona

Mobile App Makes Heart More Accessible

UA faculty members creates 3-D images for easier study

UA Researchers Pursuing Holographic Display

Special polymer could yield 3-D holographic television

UA Develops iPhone Dust Storm App

Free download gives user real-time info on issues anywhere in US

Learning From Asteroids Pummeling Mars

UA HiRISE camera documents space-rock strikes on red planet

An update on the sample return mission of the OSIRIS REx Asteroid.

UA Mission Will Touch Asteroid

Watch AZ illustrated Science tonight, 6:30, PBS 6

Technology contributor, Jason Katterhenry, has been following the new anti-piracy policy that went live on the web at the end of February and tells us what he has been hearing.

New Anti-Piracy Program getting Buzz on the Web

Will 6-strikes affect you?

A technology company unveils a new camera designed to aide in border security.

AZ Illustrated Metro Episode, March 11, 2013

Technology along border, PCC immigrant tuition, legislative harmony

Catherine Brooks, a professor for the Department of Communications at the UA School of Information Resources and Library Science,  discusses the new degree program designed to help students prepare to live and work in our new e-society.

Teaching How to Live, Work in Digital Age

UA launches new 'eSociety' degree program

Don't Call It Sun Worship

Churches say solar energy makes environmental, spitirual sense

A high powered laser pointer creates a blinding green light that can be damaging to a persons eyes.

Laser Strikes Threaten Police Helicopters

Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a felony, and it's on the rise in Tucson

ASTEC Simulation Lab Trains Without Risk

3rd Year Med Students Practice Saving Lives

SpaceShipTwo: Out-of-This-World Tourist Journey

Future amateur astronaut plans trip into ionosphere

'mHealth' Ties Scientists, Doctors, Patients

Mobile technology changes medical practice

Technician-hiker plies Grand Canyon trails with panoramic cameras for Google Earth.

Grand Canyon Hike? Google It

Panoramic photos take online users on Bright Angel Trail

Picacho Peak, Arizona, Saturday, December 8, 2012: The official ribbon-cutting ceremony inaugurating the new GoE3 Quick Charging installation for EVs. (left to right) Ariel Brimacombe, Colleen Crowninshield (Tucson Clean Cities,) Bill Sheaffer (Phoenix Clean Cities,) Paul Bessent (VP, GoE3,) Bruce Brimacombe (CEO, GoE3,) Ken Bennett (AZ Secretary of State,) Colin Tetrault (Advisor on Sustainability, Phoenix Mayor’s office,) Sean Hegna (Eaton Corporation,) Cyndi Brimacombe.

Quick Charge at Picacho Peak

Visit a new charging facility for electric vehicles that is helping to turn I-10 into an "electric highway"

UA Hosts Solar Oven Bake-Off

Student teams compete by making biscuits

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