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Merin thomas shows her winning science fair project.

Students Answer President's Plea: Merin Thomas

AZPM profiles students responding to President Obama's call for innovation that can "win the future"

Kimberly Craft interviews Jack Kelly an Horticultural Agent, Pima County Cooperative Extension

Choosing Plants for Dry Places

In an Arizona Illustrated studio follow-up to "Conservation Close to Home," a horticultural experts talks about plants well-suited to the desert landscape

Shaun McClusky and Ron Asta are both running for Tucson's mayoral seat.

Mayoral Race Draws New Contenders

Two Republicans push for making Tucson better for commerce

literacy and the courts

Judge Allows Autopsy Results Release

Federal judge in the Loughner case says reports from the January 8th shootings can be made public

T.S. Monk on Monk

The jazz drumming son of Thelonious Monk celebrates his father's music with "Monk on Monk" at Centennial Hall on March 6th.

Tippi Hedren Tells All

The silver screen legend shares her vivid memories of starring in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." Tippi hosts a special screening of the film at the Loft Cinema on March 6th.

Eric Magrane and his wife harvest rainfall with gutters and cisterns and grow native plants in swales that reduce water waste.

Conservation Close to Home

Tucson residents team up with local non-profit to increase beauty and decrease consumption

Man's best friend may turn out to be more invaluable than ever as researchers are looking at the genetic traits of purebred dogs to better understand human diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer.

Decoding the Canine Genome

Man's best friend helps researchers find cures for human diseases

The Drakensberg Mountains

NATURE Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears

Beneath southern Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains lies a hostile environment for the surprising number of creatures that manage to live there. Monday at 7 p.m. on PBS World.

Christopher Conover discusses public access to the state senate office building.

Outcry Over Access

This week's Arizona Illustrated Political Focus looks at state Senate President Russell Pearce's decision to disallow public access to the legislature's news conferences

Kimberly Craft discusses recent activity at Tucson Medical Center with Mimi Warwick, Director of Patient Care Services at TMC.

TMC Opens Pediatric Expansion

Tucson Medical Center inaugurates new unit, expects improved physical spaces to aid healing

Kimberly Craft interviews two Peace Corps scholars, Kristi Whitaker Trinks, and Felipe de Mello e Souza.

Peace Corps Turns 50

UA fellows say international volunteer program continues to have relevance in the world

"The Chocolate Voice is simple and small--you can get through it," says publisher Gwen Pierce.

Web Feature: Finding a Voice

One woman works to learn and tell her hometown's untold stories, and finds herself reconnecting to her roots

Sonny Turner's Platters sing a medley of their greatest hits - including "Only You," "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," and "The Great Pretender"

Rock, Pop & Doo Wop

Legends Ronnie Spector and Jon “Bowzer” Bauman host a celebration of the best-loved songs from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Tuesday at 8 p.m. on PBS 6.

March 31, 1927: Cesar Chavez Was Born

Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist Born in Yuma

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