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AZ Job Growth Slows; 1.9% This Year

Phoenix leads, Tucson and rest of state lag

Full Interview with Professor Kemper

Federal secrecy a worry for journalists, public, he says

Full Interview with Professor Faten Ghosn

Americans lack religious, cultural knowledge of Middle East, she says

Episode 121: Little Movement on Medicaid

Legislature at near standstill; Brewer remains adamant

The Arizona House of Representatives chamber.

AZ Week: Little Movement on Medicaid

Breakthrough on Brewer's proposal could come in House, journalists say

AZ Week: Free Expression in Middle East

Understanding beliefs important in weighing values, professors say

AZ Week: Job Training Potential Unmet

Career Tech Ed, JTEDs need more funding, less stigma, advocates say

Episode 120: Job Training Potential Unmet

Career Tech Ed needs more funding, less stigma, advocates say

Episode 119: Immigration Reform Has Its Day

Bipartisan nature of legislation gives it fair chance of passage

A U.S. Border Patrol on the American side of the border fence in Nogales, Ariz.

AZ Week: Immigration Has Its Day

Bipartisan fingerprints all over legislation, NPR correspondent says

Episode 118: AZ Economy Moving But Slowly

Full recovery still 2 years away; economist advises conservative state budgeting

Despite the tough economy, some people are taking chances on new businesses and women are a vital part of the entrepreneurs.

AZ Week: Economy, Tax Revenues Slow to Grow

Economists forecast recovery by 2015, one calls for conservative budgeting

Full Interview With Gov.'s Budget Director

Brewer 'will aggressively pursue Medicaid expansion until it's done'

Episode 117: Where's State Budget?

'Negotiations slow,' GOP leader says; 'fairly disturbing,' Democrat s


Several people discuss efforts to reform the state employee hiring and firing system while having opposing beliefs.
Jimmy Chavez - President, Arizona Highway Patrol Association 
Sheri Van Horsen - President, Local 3111, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 
Mark Flatten - Investigative Journalist, Goldwater Institute 
Nick Dranias - Director, Center for Constitutional Government, Goldwater Institute

AZ Week: Where's State Budget?

'Negotiations slow,' GOP leader says; 'fairly disturbing,' Democrat says

Full Interview With State Treasurer Ducey

'We can pay our bills today, tomorrow ... day after tomorrow concerns me'

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