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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Stops Asarco Plan To Expand Ray Mine North of Tucson.

Court upholds earlier decision halting a proposed land exchange between the Bureau of Land Management and the mining corporation.

It’s Banned Books Week at the University of Arizona Libraries

National event put on by the American Library Association celebrates freedom of speech.

Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

Admiral Michael G. Mullen Town Hall

Streamed Live on Friday, Oct. 1, 3-4 p.m.

Arizona's Condor Recovery Program A Success So Far

A recent release of four of the endangered birds highlights the effort to reintroduce the magnificent birds of prey.

Three of the four candidates for two seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, Republicans Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns and Democrat David Bradley.

Four candidates for two ACC seats

There is a four-way showdown for two seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Bill Buckmaster interviews the two candidates for Arizona Senate District 30, Republican Frank Antenori and Democrat Todd Camenish.

Antenori vs. Camenisch

Battle for the Arizona state senate seat is district 30 has Republican Senator Frank Antenori facing out against Democratic Challenger Todd Camenisch.



Martin Scorsese explores director Elia Kazan’s life. Monday at 10 p.m. on PBS-HD 6.

POV The Ballad of Esequiel Hernández

POV The Ballad of Esequiel Hernández

Mistaken for a drug runner, but in fact a U.S. citizen, Hernández was the first American killed by U.S. military forces on native soil since the 1970 Kent State shootings. Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on the UA Channel.

Arizona Cancer Center Gets Big Grant

The Arizona Cancer Center is part of a new international skin cancer consortium. A $500,000 grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies will create the Pan-Pacific Skin Cancer Consortium.

In an effort to save Channel 12, the City Channel, Mayor and Council will consider three proposals that would facilitate a merger between Channel 12 and Arizona Public Media.

Proposed AZPM/Tucson 12 Merger Up For Consideration

Mayor and Council will consider three levels of funding to operate Tucson Channel 12 under the Arizona Public Media Banner

“Wallander, Series II” Faceless Killers

Wallander, Series II: Faceless Killers

Detective Kurt Wallander investigates the brutal slaying of an elderly couple at an isolated farmhouse. Thursday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly, Sarah Garrecht-Gassen of the Arizona Daily Star, and Mark Evans of the join Bill Buckmaster for a discussion of Rio Nuevo and the political races for governor, CD8, and CD7.

Latest on the Hot Political Races

Is Terry Goddard closing in on Governor Brewer? Jesse Kelly is named "GOP Young Gun" and what about CD7 and the McClung-Grijalva race?

UA Employee IT Security Initiative

Mandatory for all AZPM Employees - Please note!

Best Radio Station for News!

From the readers of the Tucson Weekly

Bill Buckmaster interviews the three candidates for Arizona House District 28, Democrats Bruce Wheeler and Steve Farley, and Republican Ken Smalley.

3-Way Race for 2 Seats in AZ House in LD 28

Democratic Representative Steve Farley, the House minority policy leader, and former Tucson City Council member Bruce Wheeler face Republican Ken Smalley.

Bill Buckmaster interviews Republican Al Melvin and Democrat Cheryl Cage, the two candidates for Arizona Senate District 26.

Key Senate Match-Up In LD 26

Republican incumbent Senator Al Melvin is facing a rematch from Democratic challenger Cheryl Cage in Legislative District 26.

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