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Ann Brown, Arizona Daily Star

Ann Brown Commentary

Education cuts

Small red TV

Analog TV Shut down

What you need to know

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer

The latest on budget and more

Tucson Values Teachers

Proposed Education Cuts

How they'd affect just one school

Davis Monthan AFB Commander Johnson

Davis Monthan Air Force Base

A talk with the new commander

Roundtabe panelists are Jim Nintzel and Ann Brown, host is Buzz Conover


Budgets, taxes and more

Teens Working

Pima County Summer Youth program

Jobs for kids

plane dumping water


Air National Guard helping

Roundtable panelists are Jim Nintzel, Ann Brown and Maark Kimble

Friday Roundtable

A discussion of the week's news

Dr. Elizabeth Celania-Fagen

TUSD Superintendent

Roundtable Newsmaker

John Munger and Vince Rabago Face-off

Face Off

Political debate

Governor Brewer and Regent Fred Boice

University Budget

Legislators restore and sweep funds

Savannah Guthrie on Arizona Illustrated

Savannah Guthrie

White House correspondent

UPH Kino Hospital

UPH at Kino

Wants more county money

Richard Elias, Pima County Board of Supervisors

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias

Budget update and more

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup

Mayor Bob Walkup

Discusses budget and more

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