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What Immigration Raids Tell Us About Latino Families and the State

Immigration Week at the UA

State Senator Linda Lopez (D-Tucson) sits down with Christopher Conover to discuss the Fiesta Bowl ethics probe and the new state budget.

A Long Night for the Legislature

State Sen. Linda Lopez discusses the week's events at the capitol, including the House's passage of a revised budget

Episode 12: Redistricting Arizona

Redrawing state congressional boundaries no longer involves 'smoke-filled back room,' experts say, but the system has fallen short of creating competitive election districts - more tonight at 8:30p.m., on PBS-HD

Christopher Conover tells us more about Arizona's new abortion law in this week's Political Focus.

Governor Signs Abortion Bill

In this Arizona Illustrated Political Focus, political reporter Christopher Conover explains a new bill, now signed into law, that makes gender and racial selection abortions a felony

We visit Tubac Presidio State Historic Park which has been run by volunteers since May 2010.

Keeping Parks Up and Running

Volunteers are vital for success of state parks that had been slated to close.

Episode 11: Arizona's Inevitable Latino Majority

2010 Census reveals nearly three-fold increase in 20 years; majority could come by 2040

Arizona budget puzzle

New University Cuts on the Horizon

With larger funding cuts to the state's university system now on the table, job losses at the University of Arizona look inevitable

Finding a Home for Medical Marijuana

As state finalizes regulations about medical marijuana, local residents look for dispensary sites--and find a host of complex requirements

Christopher Conover talks with Paul Eckerstrom about his political committee, Start Our State.

Is Baja Arizona for Real?

The leader of a local movement to secede from the state joins this Arizona Illustrated Political Focus to explain his controversial quest

Solar Energy

Public forums put on by the Bureau of Land Management

When the State Defines a Parent

A closer look at SB 1188, which seeks to give married couples priority over single parent homes in adoptions

Christopher Conover discusses legislative immunity in this week's Political Focus.

The Dirt on Immunity

In this Arizona Illustrated Political Focus, political reporter Christopher Conover explains the history of legislative immunity from arrest

As Arizona lawmakers struggle to balance the state budget, an obvious pot of money exists in health aid for the poor. The proposed plan would eliminate at least 250,000 from state health care rolls. Luis Carrion reports on the implications.

Medicaid Funding in Jeopardy

Healthcare providers uneasy about impact of imminent AHCCCS cuts

Kimberly Craft interviews Jonathan Paton, a former AZ Senator, and Michael Coiro, Executive Director of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

Wisconsin Labor Issues Hit Home

With Arizona lawmakers expressing their support for Wisconsin's governor and a national conversation about labor rights underway, local unions seek a seat at the table

Representative Vic Williams talks about the progress in the legislature with Christopher Conover.

Budget News On its Way

A special Arizona Illustrated Political Focus previews the new state budget, slated for release on Monday

49 Charges Against Loughner

A federal grand jury has returned a new indictment against Jared Lee Loughner

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