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Kris Mayes, Chair Arizona Corporation Commission

ACC Chair Kris Mayes

Roundtable Newsmaker

Vince Robago and John Munger go head-to-head on the topic of the Arizona state budget.


Debating the political issues of the day

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano visits border

Border Cops

Officials meet to discuss border violence

Gary Hayes, RTA Director

Gary Hayes, RTA

Economy | Transportation

The Roundtable panelists

Friday Roundtable

State and local budgets

Jim Nintzel comments on taxes and the chaotic state budget process

Jim Nintzel Commentary

State Budget mess

Pima County Supervisors Ray Carroll and Richard Elias

Pima County Supervisors

Ray Carroll and Richard Elias

Traffic camera

Traffic Cameras

The good and bad

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup

Mayor Walkup

Cities waiting for state budget details

Water quality is an issue

Water Quality

How good is good enough?

The Roundtabe panelists are Jim Nintzel and Jane See White

Friday Roundtable

Budget, baseball and more

Mike Letcher, Tucson City Manager

City Manager Mike Letcher

Roundtable Newsmaker

Gabrielle Giffords

Health Care Forum

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords held a town hall meeting on health care reform earlier this week. Christopher Conover tells us what happened.

Listen to May 29 Edition of Political Conversations

State Rep. Phil Lopes of Tucson

Roundtable panelists, Jim Nintzel and Ann Brown and host, Tony Paniagua

Friday Roundtable

Discussing the week's news

Richard Elias, Pima County Board of Supervisors

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias

Roundtable Newsmaker

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