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Lydia Baker with the pima council on aging sits down to explain what seniors need to know about Medicare.

Medicare Open Enrollment: It's Time

Seniors can make the annual choices about their health insurance

Christopher Conover addresses the future political career of Gabrielle Giffords.

Political Focus: Redistricting Commission Next Step

The task of finding new chair of Independent Redistricting Commission now begins

Redistricting Commission Chair Fired

Republican senators vote to oust Colleen Mathis over open meeting, political mapping

Republican Jonathan Payton (left), Democrat Rodd McLeod (center left) and AZPM's Christopher Conover (center right) discuss Governor Jan Brewer's power play against the independent redistricting commission, mayoral campaign ads and a poll involving President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Oct. 28, 2011

Jim Nintzel hosts our weekly discussion of local, state, national politics

Are Tucson Election Ads True?

Check the accuracy of information circulating on TV and in mailboxes throughout the city

Terry Bracy, the outgoing chairman of the Udall Foundation Board of Directors.

Change Afoot at Udall Foundation

Foundation's chairman steps down after 17 years

Occupy Tucson organizers Kacee Dwyer (left) and Craig Barber (right) discuss their roles in the movement to take to the streets of Tucson in protest.

Occupy Tucson: Why Are They Participating?

A couple of protestors share their reasons for their activism

Can the U.S. Afford Foreign Assistance in an Age of Austerity?

Former U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe (R) talks to the Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations

Republican Jonathan Paton (left), Democrat Rodd McLeod (center left) and AZPM's Andrea Kelly (center right) look at polls from the city election, a shocking idea of an electrified border fence and why one of the panelists from this episode is being sued for one million dollars.

Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Oct. 21, 2011

Jim Nintzel hosts our weekly discussion of local, state, national politics

Occupy Tucson: More than 150 Arrested

But that won't deter dozens who remain camped in Armory Park, they say

AZPM reporters Andrea Kelly (left and Christopher Conover (right) tell us about campaign finances.

Campaign Financing: 'Wild, Wild West'

Political analyst says Supreme Court, 'feckless' FEC have made a mess of it

SPECIAL REPORT: PACs Send Money to Arizona Candidates

Incumbents Giffords, Grijalva, Flake bring in special-interest donations

How do we shape the next 20 years of school reform?

The National Commission on Education Equity and Excellence

Political analyst Norman Ornstein Ph.D. talks about his feelings on Washington's campaign, politics and money issues.

Analyst: 'Tribal Warfare' Characterizes U.S. Politics

Without a super committee breakthrough, scholar Norman J. Ornstein warns there will be no relief soon

Ramón Valadez pima county supervisor talks about updates on the county.

Pima County Seeks Bond Issue for Business Growth

County officials proposing a bond package to help lure industries to Tucson area

Our weekly roundtable with guests Republican Strategist, Jonathan Paton (left), Democratic Strategist, Paul Eckerstrom (center left), and AZPM's Andrea Kelly (center right) discuss the mayoral debate, political boundaries and the Rio Nuevo Board.

Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Oct. 14, 2011

Jim Nintzel hosts our weekly discussion of local, state, national politics

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