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Warm Winter Leading Bees To Swarm Earlier

Beekeepers fielding many concerned calls, but say swarms rarely attack unless provoked

UA Club Helps With Campus Sustainability

Solar Cats was created to put solar panels on a UA dorm

Local Researchers Recognized At UA Innovation Day

Networking event highlights ongoing work by University of Arizona faculty and staff

The Galileoscope is a high-quality low cost telescope kit developed for the International Year Of Astronomy 2009 by a team of leading astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators. No matter where you live you can see the celestial wonders that Galileo first glimpsed 400 years ago that still enthrall stargazers today.

UA Innovation Day Highlights Top Campus Research

Faculty, student work will be discussed, displayed, honored in Tuesday events

Bridging the Gap in the Fight Against Brain Cancer

From the Operating Room to the Laboratory

Living Beyond 100

Information and Immortality

Wasps, Aphids Locked in Strategy Game

Viruses, bacteria and aphids team up against a parasitic wasp, new study finds

UA Ph.D. Candidate of the Department of Geosciences, Nick McKay explains his research into crater lakes where ancient sediment can tell us important things that happened a million years ago on Earth.

Finding 'Stories in the Mud'

UA researcher unlocks ancient secrets contained in lake sediment

Living Beyond 100

Society, Geographic Change and the New Longevity

Winter wonder desert style: an abundance of wildflowers on the bloom. Here, golden poppies.

Desert Splendor: Winter Wildflowers in Abundance

December rains, January warmth mean season arriving early and expected to be good

Living Beyond 100

Repair, Regeneration and Replacement Revisited

Dawn Higginson, Postdoctoral Research Associate for the University of Arizona's Center for Insect Science, has helped make a bizarre discovery that challenges long-held theories about insect biology.

The Secret Sex Life of the Diving Beetle

New research uncovers a previously unknown adaptation in these insects

Living Beyond 100

The Aging of the Brain

Living beyond 100

Can we, and what if we do?

Web Feature: On a (Paper) Wing and a Prayer

Can the world’s biggest paper airplane bring a town and its museum together?

Tiny Life Thrives in Dark Depths of Kartchner Caverns

UA-led microbe study could guide search for extraterrestrial life

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