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Experimental Asphalt

Pam White tells us about a new kind of non-petroleum based asphalt that is being used to repair some of Tucson's many potholes.

Filling a pot hole with greener asphalt

Experimental Asphalt

A new cheaper and greener asphalt that could revolutionize street maintenance is being tested by city workers.

UA President Robert N. Shelton

UA Budget Questions

UA President Dr. Robert Shelton says where the UA budget goes from here depends on the outcome of May 18th vote


Controversy Over Pluto's Planet Status

Comet Discoverer David Levy says don't count Pluto out!

Buddhism and science

Science for Tibetan Monks

From Karma to the Cosmos Tibetan Monks and Nuns learn about the physical world. Tibetan monks and nuns usually spend their whole lives learning about the inner world of the mind.

Hadron Collider

Large Hadron Collider

Particle smasher to reveal mysteries of the Universe

Body Worlds

Body Worlds III

All will be revealed

Tracy Brooks, cancer researcher

Tracy Brooks: Scientist

Cancer research by day, self defense at night - Meet Tracy Brooks.

David Levy

Looking to the Stars

Comet Discoverer David Levy

David Levy comet hunter

Comet Discoverer

David Levy

Arthritis treatment

New Arthritis Drug

FDA Approved arthritis treatment

Large Hydron Collider

Large Hadron Collider

Particle smasher to reveal mysteries of the Universe

bio me


Biodiversity from Molecules to Ecosystems

Ads for kids

Advertisers Target Children

UofA Professor Studies Effects of Food Advertising on Nation's Young People

Biospherian Jayne Poynter

Jayne Poynter

Original biospherian returns

David Levy

Sharing the Sky

Science Educator David Levy

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