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Tucson, Pima County Consider Changes To Outdoor Lighting Code

Revisions try to balance public safety with preserving the night sky

Executive Director of the Sonoran Institute, Luther Propst, talks about scientific efforts to maintain healthy rivers that are facing increasing pressures from human beings.

Sonoran Institute Celebrates 20 Years of Conservation

Non-profit continues its work to monitor health of the Santa Cruz River, Colorado River Delta

Alexander Chiu (left) a MD at the University of Arizona department of surgery and Michael Lemole (right) a MD. an chief at the University of Arizona division of neurosurgery talk about brain tumors.

Home From Brain Surgery in Two Days

New minimally invasive techniques developed at UMC reduce pain, recovery time

Cooler Weather Means Possible Increase in Rabies

Pima County issues a warning to be cautious when outdoors.

After The Flames, A Slow Healing

As Arizona forests rebound from recent wildfires, restoration experts plan for future flames.

Retired Meterologist Takes His Knowledge On The Road

Jimmy Stewart's new "weather bus" heads out to elementary schools

Volunteer with National Geographic and the National Park Service, together with Saguaro National Park and the Sonora Desert Museum for the Saguaro National Park project, BioBlitz. The project will be October 21st-22nd.

Inventory of Nature: Counting Cacti, Critters

BioBlitz seeks to document all living things within Saguaro National Park

We speak with superintendent of Saguaro National Park, Darla Sidles (left) and Manzo Elementary counselor, Moses Thompson (right) about the Bio Blitz which aims to count all the living species in the park.

Readying for BioBlitz in Tucson

Saguaro National Park officials prepare to count all creatures great and small

Voices for the Cure 2012, 2011

Listen to women and men from our community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer share stories of love, courage, and hope.

We talk with CEDO founders about their ongoing environmental protection efforts in the Gulf of California.

Institute on Deserts and Oceans Opens Tucson Office

CEDO is opening a Tucson office, the first in the U.S.

Scientists seeking clues about climate change are finding answers in an unexpected source--the humble hummingbird.

The Hummingbird: A Love Story

Tiny creatures help researchers, volunteers piece together climate puzzle

Executive director of the National Center for Border Security and Immigration, Dr. Elyse Golob tells us about the new technology the nation's security have created.

Avatar Brings Technology to Border Security

Developed at UA, machine can sense minute changes, responses at checkpoints

Learning To Coexist With Rattlesnakes

New lab on Tumamoc Hill tracks and studies an infamous reptile

An update on the sample return mission of the OSIRIS REx Asteroid.

Work Begins for 15-Year Study of Asteroid

OSIRIS-REx team starts biggest science project ever at UA; cost: $800M

Tracking the Chupacabra

Author Benjamin Radford explores the history and the reality of the famous bloodsucking monster. Is it more than just a modern myth?

'Fire is Inevitable' to Keep Arizona Wild, Forestry Expert Says

Wildlands need fire, but strategic restoration promises to minimize its danger

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