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Ben Bova an author of the latest book Leviathans, joins Kimberly Craft in the studio to discuss his book.

Peering Through Jupiter's Clouds

Science fiction writer Ben Bova talks about how he imagines the alien worlds and lives of his books

College of Science Lecture Series: Cosmic Origins

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Inflation: The Big Mysteries of Cosmology

Talking to Temple Grandin

Find out how this expert in animal and human behavior uses her autism to explore new ideas

College of Science Lecture Series: Cosmic Origins

Origin of the Universe: The Big Bang

Could There Be Life On Jupiter?

The acclaimed science fiction author Dr. Ben Bova talks about his new novel "Leviathans of Jupiter" and the real science that inspired it.

Sleights of Mind

What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals About Our Brains

Kimberly Craft interviews the rock star of science Eric Reiman - Exec. Director, Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Meet the Rock Star of Science

Eric Reiman hopes to find a cure for Alzheimer's in his lifetime

Mark Kelly to Fly Mission

Husband of U.S. Rep. Giffords decides to command Endeavor in April

Science Series 2011

Cosmic Origins

Kimberly Craft and guest Chris Impey Ph.D., a UA Distinguished Professor, discuss the College of Science lecture series.

Science Series Returns

This year's lecture series will focus on cosmic origins

Water hose

Cash for Conservation

New program subsidizes rainwater harvesting equipment for local homeowners

Richard Wiener of the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and Richard Powell, former VP for research at the University of Arizona, talk with Kimberly Craft about solar energy.

Arizona as Solar Central

Researchers spell out how the state can capitalize on one of its most abundant resources

An intimate look at the Tucson Wildlife Center where injured and orphaned animals can be rescued.

Taking Wildlife in Hand

The Tucson Wildlife Center provides care for injured and orphaned animals

Teams of autonomous rovers may one day revolutionize planetary and lunar exploration.

Smart Rovers

Teams of autonomous rovers may one day revolutionize planetary and lunar exploration

Embodied Situated Learning and Digital Media

ASU Professor James Gee discusses video games and education

Tucson's Reid Park Zoo Expanding

"Expedition Tanzania" will house more elephants and a new educational facility at the zoo

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