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Marco Saavedra, 23, at border fence in Nogales last month. His asylum request was pending.

Seven 'Dreamers' Granted Tentative Asylum

After leaving US, they tried to recross at Nogales last month, were taken to Eloy immigrant detention center.

Live Near Border in AZ? 'You're Being Watched'

Adding to already 'astronomical' security resources won't be deter organized crime, skeptical resident says.

Refugee Resettlements Continue in Tucson

3.2% increase so far this year in foreigners seeking new home and settling in Old Pueblo.

Nine Detained 'Dreamers' Hope for Asylum

The group of undocumented activists has been in custody for more than one week after attempting to cross border from Mexico into the U.S.

Indigenous Students From Guatemala, Mexico Visit Tucson

UA’s leadership program teaches group about democracy, education and government.

Nine Detained 'Dreamers' Await Response to Release Request

Group of undocumented immigrants detained after trying to cross from Mexico to U.S. earlier this week.

This week, Michael hosts a discussion on racial issues in the state and across the country. Former Tucson City Council member Charles Ford Jr, Chairman of the Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board Jeff Lavender, University of Arizona's Mexican American Studies lecturer Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith and Executive Director of the YWCA Tucson Kelly Fryer discuss these issues and how we as a country can come together to put an end to racism and separation.

AZ Week: Moving Toward Tolerance; More Needed

In wake of Trayvon Martin: 'Some of us took it for granted that we were farther along than we really are.'

'Dreamer' Advocates Appeal for Driver's Licenses

Immigrant rights group files with 9th Circuit Court to overturn lower court upholding Brewer's order.

Supreme Court Rejects AZ Appeal on Same-Sex Rights

A group opposing gay marriage challenged ruling that allows unmarried partners to obtain state benefits.

AZ Divided on Supreme Court Same-Sex Couples' Rights Ruling

Many people on both political spectrums praised Wednesday decision, but others still want changes in state constitution.

Brewer, Horne Applaud Supreme Court Voting Law Ruling

Arizona officials content with decision, determining states shouldn't seek federal approval to change election policies.

Key Part of Voting Rights Act Ruled Unconstitutional

Supreme Court decision, 5-4, frees Arizona, 8 other states from federal preclearance of electoral changes.

Judicial Rulings May Affect Voting in AZ

State awaits Voting Rights Act decision, mulls registration ID change that came from US Supreme Court.

Court's Gay Marriage Decision May Be Subtle in AZ

Same-sex cases challenging federal, California laws give couple hope, even without direct impact.

Supreme Court Wants Limited Affirmative Action

Justices do not overturn law, but order lower court to apply narrower definition in college admissions case.

40 Years of Chronicling Gay Experience

Novelist, essayist Edmund White visits Tucson, to discuss career, latest writings.

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