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Martin Luther Kink, jr

MLK Day of Service Events Get Community Involved

Americorps teams, politicians, students among those reaching out in spirit of civil rights lesader's life.

Former NY Police Chief to Monitor Arpaio's Office for Racial Profiling

U.S. District Court ensuring Maricopa Sheriff's Office isn't making unconstitutional arrests.

AZ Senate Bill Would Allow People to Refuse Service to Gays

Initial approval of legislation that can potentially let businesses use religious beliefs as justification for such actions.

Martin Luther Kink, jr

Tucsonans Prepare to Honor MLK Legacy by Serving Community

On Jan. 20 various local nonprofits will set up service projects to commemorate civil rights leader in national holiday.

A U.S. Border Patrol on the American side of the border fence in Nogales, Ariz.

Border Patrol Violates Rights at Checkpoints, ACLU Claims

It files complaint over incidents of what it calls illegal questioning, searches at Southern AZ checkpoints.

Supreme Court Rejects AZ's 20-Week Abortion Ban

State had appealed lower court ruling blocking law; opponents say 2012 legislation violated women's rights.

NPR: Half-Million Eligible for Deferred Deportation Yet to Apply

Numbers have slowed to trickle after hundreds of thousands applied in early months of program.

DREAM students supporting education over deportation.

Proposal for Dreamers University Tuition Discount Rejected

Arizona Board of Regents deny it Thursday, saying it would not survive a legal challenge; Students not in the country legally have to pay out-of-state tuition rates.

Arpaio to Appeal Court-Appointed Monitor

Staff ordered to oversee sheriff's office, amid fed. judge's ruling of racial profiling allegations.

Voter Registration Case to Get December Hearing

Proof-of-citizenship sought on federal registration form to conform with state forms in Arizona, Kansas.

Referendum to Overturn Election Changes Makes Ballot

Successful petition drive stops measures from taking effect until voters decide in 2014 general election.

A U.S. Border Patrol on the American side of the border fence in Nogales, Ariz.

AZ Week: Immigration Reform Back In Play

Three angles of immigration debate weigh on Obama's urging to Congress to revive comprehensive talks.

Arpaio: Racial Profiling Legal Fees 'Outrageous'

His lawyers respond to plaintiffs' request for $7.3M to cover six years of litigation, fact-finding, trial.

Federal Judge Orders Monitor to Oversee Arpaio, Sheriff's Office

Amid findings that office engages in racial profiling, judge wants to ensure they comply with constitutional requirements.

Sherif Joe Arpaio's school safety posse trains in a school shooting practice scenario.

Maricopa Sheriff's Office Spends $200K For New Staff Training

County's board of supervisors approved constitutional law training; will also evaluate agency's internal policies, review civil rights concerns.

AZ Week: New American: 'I'm From Here Now'

Overcoming repression, war, refugee immigrants join ranks of US citizens in ceremonies this week.

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