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Arizona Capitol Building where a budget stalemate continues deep into the fiscal year.

Governor Releases Business Plan

In new business development plan, Gov. Brewer calls for cuts to corporate taxes

Taking Action for Sustainability

County says initial reports of Sustainability Action Plan show many successes

February 1934: Rabies Outbreak

Tucson Epidemic Rages

February 1937: Arizona Inn

Prices for Dinner and Accommodations

February 26, 1919: Grand Canyon National Park Created

President Woodrow Wilson Signs Act

February 1947: Spring Training Starts in Tucson

Cleveland Indians Moved from Florida to Arizona

February 24, 1945: Iwo Jima Flag

Gila River Indian Helps to Raise Flag

February 23, 1540: Coronado Heads Toward Arizona

First Europeans to See the Grand Canyon

February 22, 1935: Pitcairn Autogyro

Giving Rides in Tucson

February 21, 1925: First Tucson Rodeo

La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros

February 20, 1959: Glen Canyon Bridge

Highest Steel Arch Bridge in the World

February 19, 1942: Consumer Prices in Tucson

Price Increases for a Shave and a Haircut

February 18, 1930: Pluto Discovery Confirmed

Amateur Astronomer Finds New Heavenly Body

February 17, 1917: Arizona Flag Adoped

Controversy Over Flag Design

February 16: 12,000 Years Ago

Ancient Arizonans

February 15, 1912: Autos in Arizona

Fewer Than 2,000 Motor Vehicles

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