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State Senate District 26 – Cheryl Cage (D) and Capt. Al Melvin (R)

Roundtable Forum

State Senate, District 26 - Cage vs Melvin.

Listen to October 3, 2008 Edition with host Mark McLemore

Economic Bailout - Proposition 101 - Dr. Spencer Titley / NASA's 50th Anniversary - Islamic Center of Tucson / Ramadan

Small red TV

Digital Conversion

The facts you need to know.

Arizona Illustrated special following the Vice-Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate Analysis

The view from Arizona

Ramadan celebrated in Tucson

Islamic Center of Tucson

A profile

Teacher with teen students

"Tucson Values Teachers" Initiative

Asking the community to support and elevate the status of teachers.

Don Diamond, supporting value of education

"Tucson Values Teachers" Interview

A follow-up discussion

Richard Elias, Pima County Supervisor

Richard Elias

Chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors

Arizona Illustrated Vote 2008

Arizona Illustrated Special

Join local political commentators as they analyze the Vice Presidential debate. "Arizona Illustrated" will air at 8:00 p.m. Thursday on KUAT6, following PBS coverage of the debate.

Small red TV

Conversion to Digital Television

The facts

TV static on screen

Consumer Alert

Better Business Bureau's info on DTV conversion scams.

Bag It helps cancer patients with a bag full of information.


A Tucson cancer survivor helps cancer patients learn more about the disease


Economic Forecaster Concerned

Marshall Vest on the failure of bailout plan

Vote 2008

Presidential Debate Analysis

The view from Arizona

Vote 2008

Voter Registration

The final push

Candidates for office of Pima county Attorney

Vote 2008 Political Forum

Pima County Attorney

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