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Full Interview with Ken Strobeck and Marie Lopez Rogers

What cities need to know about budget cuts -- watch the complete interview

Arizona Week Cities Facing Cuts

Episode 3: Arizona Cities Face Crippling Cuts

Even public safety cuts would be considered for Arizona's cities if the state further tightens funding, one mayor says. When it comes to fixing the state's fiscal crisis, how far is too far?

Kimberly Craft interviews Keith Humphrey, the Assistant Vice President of UA Student Affairs, and Jeremiah Walpert, a UA Arizona Assurance Scholar.

Assuring Students of an Education

Arizona Assurance program enables students to achieve at virtually no cost

Tucson attorney and community leader Jonathan Rothschild talks about his decision to run for mayor.

New Face in Mayoral Race

Political newcomer wants to create a community where kids will stay

Los Angeles County coroner vehicle

FRONTLINE: Post Mortem

This FRONTLINE premiere, a result of a collaborative reporting with NPR and ProPublica, investigates the crisis in death investigation in America. Tuesday at 10 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Neuroscientists Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik and NOVA scienceNOW host Neil deGrasse Tyson observe Teller, the silent half of comedy magic duo Penn & Teller, as he performs his famous cups and ball trick.


HOW DOES THE BRAIN WORK? Investigate the psychology of magic tricks, magnetic wands that treat depression, artificial intelligence, and more. Wednesday at 8 pm on PBS-HD.

Some residents in Pima County are working on making their community more sustainable by incorporating practices like water harvesting, cooperative gardening and sharing resources. We visit Terra Sante west of Tucson.

The TerraSante Experiment

Local residents work to live in harmony with the environment west of Tucson

Teachers' Voices with Thom Lewis and Wendy Joy Koltnow

Learn about the Opening Minds Through the Arts program and how dance can inspire creativity and confidence.

Spanish-born singer / songwriter Jairo Zavala, aka DePedro.

Spotlight Session: Jairo Zavala

Listen to the vibrant and romantic music of Jairo Zavala, playing both solo and in duet with Joey Burns of Calexico.

Kimberly Craft interviews author and UA Professor Emeritus, Jim Clarke Ph.D. about his work profiling assassins.

Politics Affect Behavior, Expert Says

Criminal violence researcher supports Sheriff Dupnik's statements

Kimberly Craft interviews Ed Castelhano, the immediate past chairman of SAHBA.

Building the Future

SAHBA official says builders becoming more innovative

Jack Lord

Pioneers of Television: Crime Dramas

Pioneering television crime dramas established new rules for viewers, amping up the violence and flash-quick dialogue; and delivering reluctant, but likeable, heroes. Tuesday at 9 pm on PBS-HD.

The USS Proteus in Lady Franklin Bay

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: The Greely Expedition

Questionable decisions and pure bad luck conspire to turn a noble scientific mission into a human tragedy. Monday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Student poets Samantha Neville (left) and Ochana Otto compete in poetry recitation.

Students Shine Out Loud

Tucson high schoolers compete in Poetry Outloud, a national poetry recitation event

Kimberly Craft and guest Chris Impey Ph.D., a UA Distinguished Professor, discuss the College of Science lecture series.

Science Series Returns

This year's lecture series will focus on cosmic origins

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