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University of Arizona President Robert N. Shelton

UA Budget Woes

President Robert Shelton on the latest

Ann Brown of the Arizona Daily Star, Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly and Mark Kimble of the Tucson Citizen


State and city budgets | TUSD deseg release

Tucson city councilmembers Rodney Glassman and Karin Uhlich discuss the hard economic times at Tucson city hall

Rodney Glassman - Karin Ulich

Tough economic times at city hall

Antiques Roadshow Treasure Chest

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Louisville (Hour Two)

A late 18th-century heirloom Kentucky sugar chest; an 1860 rococo revival table whose top sports a painting of Mt. Vernon; and a pair of boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali. Monday, April 28th 8:00PM KUAT6

Dollie Navasie is widely known in the art world as White Swann.

White Swann

Noted Hopi potter

UA Eller College of Management Professor of Economic Education Gerald Swanson

Gerald Swanson

Author of "America the Broke"

Tomcat pilot called Maverick


Real-life F-14 pilot

Listen to April 25, 2008 Edition

University Stimulus Plan - western author J.P.S. Brown - Juvenile Crime - Hispanic Stereotypes in the Media - Tucson Remembers: Jim DeCook

Listen to May 1, 2008 Political Conversations

House Minority Leader Phil Lopes

Sleep lab subject


Why and what to do

Tucson's modern streetcar and light rail transit system has benefited from Congressional earmarks.

Modern Street Car

Four mile project approved

Si Schorr I10 bypass proponent

I-10 Bypass

A talk about the latest plan

Tom Collier

Consumer Alert

Tom Collier has advice

Kino Hospital

Kino Hospital Cuts

State budget cuts impacting locally

Allan Mardor Painting

Allan Mardon

Disciplined take on western art

Pueblo Teachers

Pueblo Teachers

Seasoned professionals in the classroom

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