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Full Interview with CPLC's Arjelia Gomez

Latino population surge means evolving social structure, she says

James E. Garcia, Director of Communications for the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce discusses Latino business and economic progress in the state.

Full Interview With Hispanic Chamber's James Garcia

Latinos own 60,000 Arizona businesses, have $40B annual spending power, he says

Full Interview With Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski

Latinos have been empowered by numbers and adversity, he says

Episode 64: Latinos on Rise in Arizona

Population growth drives them politically, economically, socially

AZ Week: Latinos on Rise in State

Political, economic, social power growing with population gains

Episode 63: Health Care Costs Unsustainable

Affordable Care Act has positives, but won't bring down costs, economist says

Byron Schlomach, Director for Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute discusses  Arizona's healthcare situation.

Full Interview with Economist Byron Schlomach on Health Care

Lack of incentives for patients, providers to control costs drive expenses, he says

AZ Week: Health Care Costs Unsustainable

Return to free market, economist says; fix Medicare, Medicaid, others say

Episode 62: 'Worst Is Over' in Housing Crunch

Foreclosures still high, but buyer demand and prices are rising, experts say

Michael Orr, Director of the Center for Real Estate Theory and Practice at ASU analyzes the future of the real estate market in Arizona after the recession.

Full Interview With Real Estate Specialist Michael Orr

He says 'worst is over' for Phoenix area housing bust; trends say Tucson will follow

House for sale in Tucson, Arizona

AZ Week: 'Worst Is Over' in Housing Crunch

Foreclosures still high, but buyer demand and prices are rising, experts say

Arizona ranked first in the nation in rate of foreclosure filings in March, according to RealtyTrac.

AZ Home Foreclosures Fall Sharply

41% decline from year ago; national improvement was smaller

Episode 61: Economists See Good Times Ahead

AZ will 'feel' like it's in recovery this year and will be stronger in 2013, they say

Aruna Murthy, Ph. D., Director of Economic Analysis for Arizona Department of Administration evaluates Arizona's current economic status.

Full Interview with State Economist Aruna Murthy

'2012 will be better than 2011' and no second recession, she says

Jim Rounds, Senior VP, Economist for Elliot D. Pollack & Co. discusses his view on Arizona's January unemployment report.

Full Interview with Economist Jim Rounds

'We have a strong workforce ... stronger than we get credit for,' he says

AZ Week: Economists See Good Times Ahead

2012 will 'feel' like recovery; 2013 will be even stronger, they say

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