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AZ Week: Poverty Comes to Suburbs

New face of hardship emerges among middle class on edges of Phoenix, Tucson metro areas.

Pima Community College Downtown Campus.

AZ Week: Community Colleges Key Workforce Training

21st century economy's approaches mean people can learn more, earn more in career tech education fields.

Episode 131: The Role of Community Colleges

Discussions with PCC Chancellor Lambert and Sapna Gupta, senior policy analyst for Morrison Institute.

Full Interview with PCC Chancellor Lee Lambert

In his first week on the job, he discusses what motivates him to be involved in education.

AZ Week: Getting to Know PCC's New Chancellor

He loves his work because community college 'may be someone's first chance, may be someone's last chance.'

SPECIAL REPORT: 20% of Pima County Residents in Poverty

Find out what being poor means in southern Arizona.

Episode 130: Immigration Reformers Hopeful

AZ's two border congressmen say Senate-style compromise is key.

AZ Week: Immigration Reformers Hopeful of House Action

Senate-style compromise is key, say Arizona's border congressmen, Democrats Grijalva and Barber.

Full Interview with Congressman Raúl Grijalva

Representative says approval of immigration bill historic, but he fears 'militarization' of the border.

Full Interview with Congressman Ron Barber

Immigration Bill: 'Pleased that we have a bipartisan approach to this longstanding problem,' he says.

Episode 129: Voting Boon or Barrier?

Supreme Court's decision affects Arizona's electorate; here's how.

Full Interview with Mi Familia Vota's Heredia

'We still struggle with discrimination and things like voter ID laws,' he says.

Full Interview with Elections Expert Kanefield

'From election administration point of view, things will be much smoother,' he says.

Full Interview with Goldwater's Clint Bolick

'All protections of Voting Rights Act ... remain intact,' he says.

AZ Week: Vote Law Ruling - Boon or Barrier?

Supreme Court case brings cheer to some, fear to others about electorate discrimination or lack thereof.

AZ Week: Election Law Changes and Wildfires

Arizona’s Vote ID law was struck down by the US Supreme Court but changes will come slowly.

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