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Investigative Journalist of the Goldwater Institute Mark Flatten (Right) and Nick Dranias, Director of the Center for Constitutional Government at Goldwater Institute (Left) discuss state personnel reform.

Full Interview on Personnel Reform with Goldwater Institute

System needs wholesale change because it makes employee discipline difficult, they say

Sheri Van Horsen, President of Local 3111, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees discusses the Arizona's current status on state personnel.

Full Interview on Personnel Reform with Sheri Van Horsen

'System is not broken' but could use some administrative adjustments, she says

Jimmy Chavez , President of Arizona Highway Patrol Association examines the recent props effecting Arizona's state personnel reform.

Full Interview on Personnel Reform with Jimmy Chavez

Leave law-enforcement merit system in place to protrect hiring, discipline integrity, he says

Episode 60: State Employees Face Civil Service Loss

Gov. Jan Brewer's proposed reform would convert state to 'at will' employer

AZ Week: Protect Employees or Cut Red Tape?

Brewer's state personnel reform proposal draws strong support, sharp opposition

Episode 59: State Surplus, Spend or Save?

Governor says add some spending; Legislature says save it

Arizona Senate President, Steve Pierce, digs deeps into Arizona's new state budget to reveal what could be done with the surplus in the future.

Full Interview on State Budget: Senate President Pierce

He calls for more savings, not spending, to head off potential rough times ahead

John Arnold, Director of the Governor's Strategic Planning and Budgeting discusses the priorities for Arizona's budget next year.

Full Interview on State Budget: Gov.'s Budget Director Arnold

State revenues are up, and some spending should be added, he argues

Arizona budget puzzle

AZ Week: State Surplus, Spend or Save?

Gov. wants more for education, prisons; Legislature wants to save it for rough times ahead

Episode 58: GOP Presidential Politics Comes to Arizona

Wednesday debate, primary election Feb. 28 put state in the spotlight

Host Michael Chihak engages in conversations about the presidential primary coming up in Arizona.

AZ Week: Presidential Campaign Focuses on State

Wednesday debate in Mesa, Feb. 28 primary put Grand Canyon State at pivot point

AZ Week: Campaign Cash Clogs Coffers

Obama's report alone runs 43,700 pages, stacks to 14 feet

Episode 57: Campaign Cash Clogs Coffers

Giving to presidential, Senate, House races in AZ tops $2 million

Director of Arizona Department of Economic Security, Clarence Carter discusses the difficulties faced by Arizona's Child Protective Services.

Full Interview on Child Safety: Clarence Carter

"The best, most effective system will not end child tragedies," Department of Economic Security head says

Dana Wolfe Naimark,President & CEO of Children's Action Alliance, sheds light on important information regarding child abuse.

Full Interview on Child Safety: Dana Wolfe Naimark

Current child protection system "fragile model" that needs more resources, president and CEO of the Children's Action Alliance says

Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery (R) navigates through the Arizona's state laws concerning child abuse.

Full Interview on Child Safety: Bill Montgomery

Child Safety Task Force head calls for reform to encourage more effective investigations

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