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Tracking Geothermal Energy Sources

Arizona Geological Survey leads way toward clean energy

The Tree Ring Lab, housed in the stadium at the University of Arizona since 1937, is getting ready to move into a new state-of-the-art facility. The Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building will be completed in December of 2012.

Tree Rings Reveal Fire History

Technology used to trace Arizona's climate and wildfire past

Steve Yool, a professor in the UA School of Geography and Development uses remote sensing to study fires. Remote sensing can be used to study things like active fires, fire scars, and fuel load.

Researchers Use Satellites to Map Fire

Tracking hazards from above with 'remote sensing'

10/29/12. Rebecca Brukman.
Group of women in brightly colored athletic apparel run along path.

Motivated Exercisers on the Move

Personal drive comes from many sources

A Classroom In The Dirt

UA students design, build small system to capture rainwater

Water levels at the Colorado River Basin.

Climate Change Affects Water Supply

Report says Southwest systems need to match growth, drought

Beware: It's Bee Season

Swarms, attacks increase in frequency; what to do

Grand Canyon's Top Trail Gets New Start

Bright Angel redesign includes plaza, parking, more

Desert Splendors for Month of May

Naturalists point to blooms, butterflies, other beauties

A bright red bird sits perched on a tree branch.

Festival for Feathered Friends

International Migratory Bird Day along San Pedro River

Participants of the 2013 Bio Blitz event analyze some foot prints left behind by an elusive bobcat.

Nature by the Numbers

'Bioblitz' events take count of flora, fauna

Animal Tracking Leaving Marks

Techniques, including transmitters, provide varied information

A Mexican Grey Wolf rests in the sun.

Gray Wolf Killing Confirmed

Fish and Wildlife verify killed animal was endangered species

Shared Data, Community Ties Key to Food Security

As G-8 conference takes on issues, local leaders look at Arizona's agenda

Verde River Study Shows Decreased Flows

Research shows past, future development affects river long term

A bee sits on a blooming flower.

Buzz on Bees: They Communicate

Researcher studies their ways to aid computer, robotic networks

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