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Roundtable panel

Friday Roundtable

Reporters discuss the week's news

Pinal County growth

Pinal County

Grappling with growth

Richard Elias, Pima County Supervisor

Richard Elias

Supervisor talks property taxes

Commentators John Munger and Vince Rabago discuss the Arizona budget mess.


Arizona's budget mess

Health forum in Tucson

Health Care Town Hall

No verbal fireworks

Guest host Tony Paniagua with panelists Ann Brown, Linda Valdez and Dan Shearer

Friday Roundtable

Discussing the week's news

 Tucson Sector Division Chief John Fitzpatrick

Border Patrol Chief John Fitzpatrick

Roundtable newsmaker

Listen to August 28 Edition of Political Conversations

Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin

Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin

State Treasurer Dean Martin

In a conversation with Christopher Conover, Treasurer Dean Martin talks about his concern over the state's current fiscal crisis, as Arizona has "maxed out its credit cards"

Professor Tom Volgy

Dr. Tom Volgy

International Relations

Congress Raul Grijalva of Arizona

Congressman Raul Grijalva

Roundtable newsmaker

Roundtable panelists are Linda Valdez, Jim Nintzel, Ann Brown.

Friday Roundtable

The week in news

Jesse Kelly, Republican candidate for CD8

Jesse Kelly

CD8 GOP candidate

Jonathon Paton and Nancy Wright

Jonathan Paton / Nancy Young Wright

Roundtable newsmakers

Dan Shearer and Jim Nintzel

Friday Roundtable

Analyzing the week's news

Darcy Olsen, CEO Goldwater Institute

Darcy Olsen

Goldwater Institute

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