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Southern Arizona legislators Steve Farley and Al Melvin

Steve Farley / Al Melvin

Roundtable newsmakers

Jim Nintzel and Ann Brown

Friday Roundtable

Analysis of the week's news

Richard Fimbres

Richard Fimbres

Tucson City Council candidate

General John Wickham, former head of U.N. and U.S. forces in Korea

John Wickham

Retired General

Arizona State Capitol building

Special Session Progress

Arizona lawmakers this week began a third special session to work on the budget this week. Christopher Conover brings us up to date.

Ray Carroll, Pima county Supervisor

Ray Carroll

Pima County Supervisor

Legislature is in a special session on the budger

Legislature's Special Session

Re-crafting a budget

Jim Munger and Steve Rabago Face-Off every month on Arizona Illustrated

Face Off

Special Session

Arizona State Capitol building

State Budget Status

The Arizona Legislature this week finally passed a budget for the new fiscal year, but Governor Brewer vetoed much of its. Christopher Conover reports on what's next in the process.

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias

Richard Elias

Tight finances for Pima County

cloth grocery bag

Reducing Plastic Bags

Mandating recycling

Ben Buehler-Garcia

Ben Buehler-Garcia

Tucson City Council candidate

David Modeer, CAP

David Modeer, CAP

Roundtable Newsmaker

Roundtable panellists

Friday Roundtable

Discussing the week's news

Arizona State Capitol building

State Budget Lawsuit

The Arizona Supreme Court was called in to settle the budget dispute between Gov. Jan Brewer and the legislature. Christopher Conover has the outcome and fallout.

Arizona Capitol Building where a budget stalemate continues deep into the fiscal year.

State Budget

Stalemate continues deep into the fiscal year.

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