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More Than 5,100 Ignored Abuse Cases Now Assigned to CPS

The CARE team, created after news that about 6,500 reports went un-investigated, says they're well on track.

A sign at an inactive Patagonia mine warns people of the dangers inside.

UA Gets $1.3M for Mine Safety Research

University will conduct a risk management study and a safety training improvement study.

Bill Meyer, M.D., clinical associate professor, University of Arizona Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, discusses how his work in Uganda and elsewhere has helped hundreds of ostracized women regain their health while also getting their lives back.

Tucson Surgeon Helping African Women with Post Birth Injuries

Fistulas are holes in the bladder that result from long deliveries, lack of medical attention; oftentimes smell causes these women to be ostracized.

Pima County Wants to Test Inmate Health Care Plan

Requireing inmates have insurance could save county money

CPS Update: 1,700 of 6,500 Cases Have Been Reviewed

Brewer-appointed team reports progress; child abuse, neglect calls went uninvestigated for four years.

Plants are being grown under different colored UV lights to test their sensitivity to this synthetic energy source.

Light, Color Affect Life All Around

Artificial illumination, brightness make impact on bodies, minds, moods.

Sleep lab subject

Necessity of Sleep Goes Beyond Rest

Body hard at work while people get their zzzz's, including healing, learning and remembering.

Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline Nears For Some

Those covered by some government-funded programs will need to enroll in new insurance.

Tucson Fire Department Aims to Ease Firefighters’ Trauma

Firefighters and researchers collaborate to develop peer-based program that helps first responders deal with their work’s emotional toll

Dramatic Increase of Arizonans Enrolling in Health Marketplace

DHHS says about 3,600 residents chose plans as of Nov. 30; although higher than the 739 earlier in month, less than 1/3 expected by officials.

Dr. Yves Lussier, associate director for the University of Arizona BIO5 Institute, explains the emerging field of translational Bio-Informatics.

Emerging Field of Bioinformatics Connects Docs, Gene Researchers

Uses areas of computer science, math and engineering to process biological data; developments result from decade of research.

Wolfgang Fink, University of Arizona associate professor for the College of Engineering, discusses how he is working on a new form of retinal technology that he says could help patients see in much greater detail.

Retinal Implants Get New Tech That Could Improve Clarity

Wolfgang Fink, member of the joint U.S.-German research team developing product said current retinal implants allow people to see, but only basic, blurry shapes.

Pima Health Dep., Vail Schools Holding Whooping Cough Meeting

At request of Vail school parents, meeting will answer questions, address preventative measures.

Nelson Mandela

Tucsonan Shares Experiences in South Africa After Mandela's Death

She says there is "a strange dichotomy" between somberness and joy for the passing of the historical, political figure.

Additional Batch of Un-Investigated Child Abuse Reports Found

A few weeks ago news arose that Arizona CPS agency had ignored 6,550, investigation came across an additional 1,800.

Tucsonan Helps Philippines Relief Efforts

Arizonan coordinating emergency medical aid on Leyte Island with Doctors Without Borders.

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