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Southwest Books

Southwest Books of the Year

Hear about some of the books selected as "Southwest Books of the Year for 2009," when Bill Buckmaster discusses the top picks with three of the judges.

Southwest Books of the year 2009

Southwest Books of the Year

33rd Annual Top Picks

JA Jance, author of Trialby Fire

J.A. Jance

NY Times Bestselling Author

Barbara Kingsolver, writer "Lacuna"

Barbara Kingsolver

The Lacuna Is A Bestseller

Miss O'Dell

Miss O'Dell

My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones

Lydia Millet

Scary Story

A seasonal tale to chill the blood, from novelist Lydia Millet, reading from her future novel "Ghost Lights."

Barbara Stahura, author

Author Barbara Stahura

Discussing brain injuries

Coning in Hot

Coming in Hot

A one-woman play about women in the military

Coming in Hot

Coming In Hot

A one-person play gives voice to the rarely discussed experiences of women in the military.

JFK assassination author

Dr. Richard Buyer

Author of book on JFK assassination

Linda Valdez is author of Doctor's Legacy

UMC Founder's Memoirs

A new book by Linda Valdez

Cathy Greenberg, What Happy Mothers Know

"What Happy Working Mothers Know"

Research in a new book

Kate Mathis, author of Living Lies

Author Kate Mathis

"Living Lies"

Mathew Peterson, author

Matthew Peterson Author

Paraworld Zero

JA Jance, best-selling author

J.A. Jance

Tucson-based author

Pima County Library system


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